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Putting people at the heart of service change

About the day

In November 2016, and March 2017, we brought together local Healthwatch and NHS leaders at two conferences to review the extent to which local communities have been involved in shaping STPs to date and the opportunities that exist for making sure this happens in the future.

What needs to happen next?

Several clear themes emerged from debate and discussion at the conferences on what should happen next. These included:

  • The need for the NHS to clearly explain STP proposals to their communities in clear, accessible language.
  • STP proposals taking into account the needs of, and ensure equality of access for, disadvantaged groups. Local Healthwatch can play a specific role in helping the NHS talk to seldom heard communities.
  • The importance of involving the wider voluntary, charitable and social enterprise sectors in local conversations about STPs.
  • The need for NHS England and Healthwatch England to promote good practice and successful examples of when the public have been involved in health reforms.
  • The need for both the NHS and local Healthwatch to make clear to people how their views have been used.

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