Find out how the work of local Healthwatch is funded, how this has changed over time and the amount each local Healthwatch gets to carry out their work.

How are local Healthwatch funded?

Across England, there are 152 local Healthwatch services. Their statutory role includes to finding out what communities want from health and social care and providing people with information and advice about local services. 

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) fund our work. DHSC gives money to local councils so they can commission an effective local Healthwatch service. 

This money is essential to ensuring local Healthwatch have the resources they need to run a high-quality service for their community. 

To enable the Government to track what is happening to its investment, we ask local Healthwatch every year how much funding they expect to receive and publish this information.   

Total Healthwatch funding 2022-23

Our latest report sets out the key findings from this years figures, and our recommendations. 

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How much funding has your Healthwatch received?

Find out how much funding your local Healthwatch has received by downloading our table of funding data.

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