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How we're making a difference

Over 336,000 people shared their views with Healthwatch about their experience of health and social care, including the changes that they would like to see made following the release of the NHS Long Term Plan.

Take a look at last year's highlights in our annual report. 

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Our year in numbers 2018-19


People shared their story about health and social care story with their local Healthwatch.


People accessed advice and information online, by phone, or face-to-face.



reports were published about the improvements people would like to see in health and social care.


people volunteered their time last year to help make a difference to local health and care services

What people want from the next ten years of the NHS

We were asked by NHS England to engage people across the country about how people wanted the priorities in the NHS Long Term Plan to be implemented locally.

The Healthwatch network carried out 500 focus groups, attended 1,000 events and engaged tens of thousands of people online to find out what people want from the next ten years of the NHS.

Take a look at what over 40,000 people told us in our report.

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Making impact: Our volunteers

Healthwatch Brent volunteers Mary Evans and Margaret Oyemade visited a local scheme and discovered that residents were feeling unsafe because of antisocial behaviour happening in the area and intruders coming into properties.

Thanks to their work, several changes have been made and residents feel safer and more confident in speaking to their Housing Officer and the police.
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Making impact: Carer's needs

Whilst the Care Act 2014 provides certain rights to carers to ensure they have the correct support in place, our conversations with 5,000 people showed that this isn’t working in practice.

Kate's story
Kate's husband Pete* was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. Kate tells us about her feeling of helplessness as services failed to give her the support her and her husband needed.
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