Government departments and public sector organisations often want to know what you think about changes they want to introduce.

This page highlights some of the issues that these organisations are currently asking about that could affect people who use health and social care services.

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People's experience using adult social care services

NICE are consulting on their draft quality standard for adult social care. They are looking for people’s to share their views on how well their quality standards will work and how effectively they can be measured.

Deadline: Thursday 16 August

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General Pharmaceutical Council online pharmacy safeguards consultation

The General Pharmaceutical Council is seeking views on its proposals that online pharmacies will have to put in place new safeguards to protect people who want to obtain medicines online, including opiates, antibiotics, asthma inhalers and Botox.

Deadline: Tuesday 21 August 2018

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Evidence-Based Interventions programme

NHS England is consulting on proposals to reduce the number of clinically ineffective interventions offered by the NHS, including breast reduction surgery, tonsil removal and  carpal tunnel syndrome release. They aim to reduce avoidable harm to patients, save professional time and  help clinicians maintain their professional practice in line with the changing evidence base.

Deadline: Friday 28 September

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Consultation on contracting arrangements for Integrated Care Providers 

NHS England are currently consulting on the contracting arrangements for the Integrated Care Provider model, and how the proposals might work in practice.

Deadline: Friday 26 October

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