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We exist to improve health and social care for everyone.

We value strong partnerships with care providers, Government and patient organisations, serving as the public's independent advocate. With a national reach, we're expertly placed to get a good understanding of what people think about health and social care services or issues and what would make them better. 

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Work with us - Examples of how we've worked in partnership


Holistic welfare checks part of updated hospital discharge guidance

Working with British Red Cross, we published a report which drew on the experiences of nearly 600 people who left hospital during the pandemic. 

We shared with the Government how the hospital ‘discharge to assess’ model worked for you and made a number of recommendations to improve it.    

The Government has recently updated national hospital discharge guidance, taking on board key recommendations from our work.  

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Older man in wheel chair with carer

Improving non-emergency patient transport services

In partnership with Age UK and Kidney Care UK, we published a joint report on people's experiences travelling to and from NHS services, including issues with public transport, parking, and non-emergency patient transport services.

Thanks to your feedback, we were able to share with NHS England how patient transport services worked for you.  NHS England has now published the results of their review and have made improvements as a result of the feedback shared. 

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Working with local Healthwatch

Wherever you are in England, you’ll have a local Healthwatch nearby (there are over 150 across the country). 

They exist to find out what issues really matter to people in their community and get a deep understanding of people's experiences of health and social care services. Independent and impartial, they can work with local systems and third sector organisations to make sure that people's views are at the heart of decisions made about local services.  

Experts in engagement, Healthwatch know the best way to involve people in improving how services are developed and run. 

If you want to find out what people think of your service(s), or about a particular health and social care issue in a specific area or region and want to know how local Healthwatch can help, get in touch with Collaboration and Regional Network (South) Manager, Olly Grice

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