Local Healthwatch funding 2023-24

Discover what funding the Healthwatch network has received to carry out its statutory activities in 2023-24.


There are over 150 local Healthwatch across England, whose statutory role is to find out what people want from health and social care services. 

The Department of Health and Social Care fund our work. They give money to local councils so they can commission an effective  local Healthwatch service. 

This report looks at the funding for each local Healthwatch in 2023-24, how the funding has changed over time and the potential impact this is having. 

Key findings

The budget in 2023-24 was 43% of what it was in 2013-14 in real terms. Local authorities are under significant financial pressure and often 'top-slice' Healthwatch budgets. This is resulting in some areas being unable to award a Healthwatch contract due to no viable Healthwatch being willing to deliver for the funding available. 

We are calling for Healthwatch funding through the Local Reform and Community Voices grant to be restored, as a minimum, to 2019 levels in real terms. We are also calling for Healthwatch funding to be ringfenced to ensure that local Healthwatch can deliver its statutory functions. 


If you require this report in a different format, please email enquiries@healthwatch.co.uk or call 0300 68 3000

Our report on Healthwatch funding

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