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Our new campaign aims to help services identify and, more importantly, address issues and support people experience by encouraging feedback of health and social care services across England.  

Contact your local Healthwatch by phone or by email to share your experience, or for information about local services and support

Share your experience, and encourage others to do so, on social media with #BecauseWeAllCare. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook.


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Encourage others to share their views

Use social media to help raise awareness and encourage people to share their experiences so that we can improve services together.

We've created some Twitter, Facebook and Instagram templates to make spreading the word even easier. Just click, edit and download - it only takes a minute! 

Don't forget to tag us in your posts (@HealthwatchE) and use #BecauseWeAllCare.

Create your own

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Run your own campaign

If you work for a health or social care service or support patients and service users, join the campaign to help spread the word and help more people to speak up.

Check out our campaign toolkit to get all resources you need to get feedback from people who use your services or those you support.

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We must do all we can to combat health inequalities.

- Imelda Redmond, National Director of Healthwatch England

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Don't forget that if you need more information about local services you can contact your local Healthwatch.