Our response to the CQC's inpatient survey

Findings from CQC’s survey show that too many people are experiencing delays in leaving hospital.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) have issued findings from their 2014 hospital inpatient survey. The survey found that overall people were happy with hospital care but key points highlighted were:

  • 40% of hospital patients felt that there were not enough staff on duty during their hospital stay

  • 24% did not always feel well supported in hospital or like there was a member of staff to provide emotional support

  • Over two fifths (42%) of people experienced delays being discharged from hospital.

  • The majority (61%) of people surveyed cited the reason for delayed discharge as waiting for medicines.

Our Chief Executive, Katherine Rake, said:

“It’s encouraging to hear that patients continue to report positive experiences around their stay in hospital.

“However, there is clearly still room for improvement in some areas, with too many people experiencing delays in hospital discharge. We know from local Healthwatch research into discharge that delays such as these can be incredibly frustrating for patients and cause knock-on practical problems, such as making it difficult for them to arrange transport home after hospital treatment.

“It is crucial that discharge from hospital is properly planned and that patients are communicated with clearly throughout their hospital stay and during the discharge process to ensure they are not left frustrated and confused by unnecessary delays.”