Our response to changes to the NHS England Mandate for 2015/16

Thanks to your views we have provided feedback on the NHS Mandate.

Part of our role is to recommend changes to health and social care services that we know will benefit people.

That’s why we were asked to provide feedback on the NHS Mandate 2015/16, an annual publication in which the Government provides direction and ambitions for the NHS.

We welcomed proposed changes to ensure equality between physical and mental health but highlighted our concerns about the lack of public and patient involvement in decisions about how services are delivered locally.

We also shared our concerns about the involvement and engagement of the public using NHS services, as well as their family and carers, in national commissioning decisions.

We have also written to Earl Howe, to share our views on the changes to the NHS England Mandate for 2015/16. Lord Howe welcomed our feedback and is keen for us to continue discussions.


Read our correspondence regarding the NHS Mandate for 2015/16.

Our letter to Earl Howe
Earl Howe's response