Enter and view: The Fountains Care Centre

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Summary of report content

Healthwatch Salford carried out an Enter and View visit to the Fountains Care Home, a residential care home with places for up to 98 residents.


The home was evaluated against eight quality indicators: strong, visible management; staff with the time and skills to do their jobs; good knowledge of each individual resident and how their needs may be changing; a varied programme of activities; quality, choice and flexibility around food and mealtimes; ensuring residents can regularly see health professionals such as GPs, dentists, opticians or chiropodists; accommodating residents’ personal, cultural and lifestyle needs; and being an open environment where feedback is actively sought and used. 




Authorised representatives conducted interviews with 4 members of staff at the care home. Topics such as quality of care, safety, dignity, respecting and acknowledging the resident’s and families’ wishes and staff training were explored. Authorised representatives also approached 5 residents at the care home to ask them about their experiences of the home and, where appropriate, other topics such as accessing health care services. 2 family members were also spoken to as they were with residents at the time.


A proportion of the visit was also observational, involving the authorised representatives walking around the public/communal areas and observing the surroundings to gain an understanding of how the home works and how the residents engaged with staff members and the facilities. There was an observation checklist prepared for this purpose.


At the time of the initial visit the Fountains Care Centre had recently undergone a change in ownership. The new owners, SPV4 Ltd requested that Healthwatch’s visit was postponed to embed new policies and procedures in with staff. This was taken into consideration, but it was felt that the visit should still go ahead as the findings can be used to assist the owners with any future improvements.


Healthwatch Salford’s conversations with staff, residents and relatives highlighted issues around:

  • The ranges of activities for residents to take part in and the availability of staff to support these;
  • The need for more visible leadership so that everyone can identify who the manager is;
  • Staff training and teambuilding;
  • Environmental areas of the home that need refreshing/repairing and general upkeeping.




  • Activities – the home should look at a more varied, robust and inclusive programme of activities that is widely advertised with support measures put in place to ensure that the delivery of activities are not compromised when general staffing numbers are low.
  • Senior Leadership Visibility – picture boards should be displayed in each unit and at reception that easily identify who the Manager is.
  • Care Plans (pre-admission) – the home should liaise with Social Care to improve the quality and accuracy of information supplied at preadmission.
  • Care Plans (in house) – residents’ in-house care plans should be regularly updated and staff reminded of the importance to refer to these for any changes.
  • Training – all staff training should be reviewed with staff supported to access e-learning and other training modules.
  • Environment – the home should work towards replacing the floor coverings of the EMI dementia unit to ensure that these areas can be kept as hygienically clean and odour free as possible.
  • Environment – the home should work towards a programme of redecoration including all stairwells and corridors.
  • Call bells – the home should look at procedures for staff attending to call bells so that they can identify which residents need support more quickly and without confusion.
  • Staffing – the home should look at staffing to ensure there is adequate cover for all roles without compromising other functions.


The care provider responded positively to the report with detailed responses to the recommendations. 

Healthwatch Salford carried out a follow up visit to the care home on 26 June 2018 and noted that most of the recommendations had been implemented.

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General details

Report title 
Enter and view: The Fountains Care Centre
Local Healthwatch 
Healthwatch Salford
Date of publication 
Thursday, 5 December, 2019
Date evidence capture began 
Monday, 15 January, 2018
Date evidence capture finished 
Tuesday, 26 June, 2018
Type of report 
Enter and view
Key themes 
Building and facilities
Cleanliness hygiene and infection control
Communication between staff and patients
Food and nutrition
Holistic support
Lifestyle and wellbeing
Quality of care
Quality of catering
Quality of staffing
Staff attitudes
Staff levels
Staff training
Healthwatch reference number 

Methodology and approach

Was the work undertaken at the request of another organisation? 
Primary research method used 
How was the information collected? 
Visit to provider
If an Enter and View methodology was applied, was the visit announced or unannounced? 

Details of health and care services included in the report

Social care services 
Residential care home

Details of people who shared their views

Number of people who shared their views 
Age group 
Not known
Not known
Not known
Sexual orientation 
Not known
Does the information include public's views? 
Does the information include carer's, friend's or relative's views? 
Does the information include staff's views? 
Types of health and care professionals engaged 
Care / support workers
Service manager
Does the information include other people's views? 
What was the main sentiment of the people who shared their views? 

Outcomes and impact

Were recommendations made by local Healthwatch in the report? 
Does the information contain a response from a provider? 
Yes action has been taken or promised
Is there evidence of impact in the report? 
Is there evidence of impact external to the report? 
Not known
What type of impact was determined? 
Tangible impact (not cost related)

Network Impact
Relationships that exist locally, regionally, nationally have benefited from the work undertaken in the report
Implied Impact
Where it is implied that change may occur in the future as a result of Healthwatch work. This can be implied in a provider  response, press release or other source. Implied impact can become tangible impact once change has occurred.
Tangible Impact
There is evidence of change that can be directly attributed to Healthwatch work undertaken in the report.