Bangladeshi womens group

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Healthwatch Bristol worked in collaboration with Bristol Bangladeshi Women’s Group, speaking to its service users to find out how they keep emotionally well. The women raised the importance of being part of the Bristol Bangladeshi Women’s Groups and how it has had a good effect on theirs and their children’s emotional health and wellbeing. Members stated that having their children join in community daytrips and being part of the group is like being part of an extended family. Parents also praised the Saturday Bengali class for their children, saying it was a great service which helped and supported their children to learn their mother tongue. Many spoke about being able to do stress-free shopping on the weekend whilst their children attended the class. People were also grateful that the venue is convenient and very accessible for them. Parking is easy, particularly if they have prams or wheelchairs. Feedback from children was that they look forward to attending their class and enjoy having fun through learning. Some also spoke of not having siblings and how the class provides opportunities for them to meet other children from the same community. Many said how it makes them feel they belonged and are proud to be part of the organisation whilst enjoying cultural events, trips and activities. Some service users also said how they thoroughly enjoyed the walking group and felt that this had a positive impact on their physical and mental health and were grateful to the organisation for providing this. The majority spoke about coming together to celebrate cultural festivals and events, such as Eid. Eating out together and celebrating as one was remarked upon as being a particular highlight and benefit of being a member of the BBWG. Healthwatch Bristol recommends GP surgeries should try and provide priority appointment to parents/ carers. They are not always addressing their own problems and avoid booking appointments because of the long waiting times. Some areas of the interpreting services could be improved upon as some patients feel unrepresented by them. Healthwatch Bristol also encouraged the women to see their pharmacist about issues some said they would but many said that they would prefer to see their GP as they preferred their issues to be addressed in one place.

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Report title 
Bangladeshi womens group
Local Healthwatch 
Healthwatch Bristol
Date of publication 
Sunday, 1 July, 2018
Date evidence capture began 
Sunday, 1 July, 2018
Date evidence capture finished 
Sunday, 1 July, 2018
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Booking appointments
Health promotion
Health protection
Holistic support
Information providing
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Methodology and approach

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Bristol Bangladeshi Women’s Group (BBWG)
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Engagement Event
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Community pharmacy
GP practice

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Not known
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Not known
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