The year ahead - Our plan for 2022 - 2023

Find out more about our plans for 2022-23

Our updated strategy sets out the difference we want to make by 2026 and how we intend to get there in partnership with local Healthwatch.

Our business plan outlines the steps we will take over the next 12 months to help deliver our strategy.

Our objectives 

  1. To find out the experiences of people needing or using health, public health and social care services.
  2. To seek the views of those who are seldom heard and reduce the barriers they face.
  3. To build a sustainable and high-performing network of local Healthwatch services.
  4. To act on what we hear to improve health and care policy and practice.
  5. To build on and share our expertise in engagement.
  6. To be strong, well-governed and use our resources for the greatest impact.

Download a copy of our business plan to find out more.


If you need this document in a different format, please email or call 03000 68 3000.

Download our Business Plan 2022-23
Download large print of our Business Plan 2022-23

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