Safely Home - what happens when people leave hospital and care settings

With the help of 101 local Healthwatch, we heard from over 3,000 people who shared their stories with us about their experiences of the discharge process.
Safely Home - What happens when people leave hospital and care settings? Report Front Cover showing the back of a man and a woman walking in a hospital corridor toward an exit door


Being sent home too early or without adequate support can cause people significant problems - but when it happens to individuals who are in a particularly vulnerable situation, the risks are even higher.

Throughout this inquiry, we focused on the experiences of older people, people who were homeless, and people with mental health conditions – three groups for whom the consequences of a failed discharge process were particularly detrimental.


You can also download this report in Large Print. If you need this report in a different format, please email or call 03000 68 3000.

Safely home in Large Print

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