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Healthwatch England: the way forward

Talk to us - We welcome your viewsOur strategy and engagement process

Earlier this year, we consulted on rights and responsibilities in health and care, as well as our strategy.

Healthwatch England staff and Committee travelled the country and spent more than 1,750 hours listening to people. We also extended this to 684,000 people online via twitter. 

Following our extensive conversations we have now published our final business plan for 2014–15 and strategy for 2014–16.


Healthwatch is about people’s voices shaping health and social care. All of our work begins with us asking people what they need and expect and really listening to what they have to say.

Our consultation was focussed on conversations with people designed to be open, challenging and involving. We deliberately sought out those who are often not heard and we went to them to ask their views.

What we heard

People told us that there were some strong common themes that they endorsed and are enthusiastic about including the way that we are working and the focus of our work as expressed in our strategic priorities.

We also received a strong message that we needed to simplify our priorities and make them more specific while connecting everything we do and say to people who use services.

How we are responding

As a result of the feedback we received during the course of the consultation, we have:

  • Simplified and amended our priorities and paid particular attention to making our language accessible and relevant
  • Amended our vision and mission to make it clearer how our work connects to people
  • Started to develop a consumer index that will measure how people's experience of health and social care against their expectations and existing legal rights
  • Planned to do further research about how people understand their own responsibilities, and the interplay with rights and the way that services are provided

This is not the end of our conversation. All of our work depends on listening to people and we will continue to involve the public in the development of our work on what they want and expect from health and social care.