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A healthy environment

"I want the right to live in an environment that promotes positive health and wellbeing."

We live in a society where our health and wellbeing is connected to a wider set of economic, social and environmental factors.

People should have the right to live in an environment that protects their basic wellbeing as well as promotes and encourages good health.

“If you go to a pharmacy, there’s no information about how not to become sick, you just get medication when you’re ill.”

“At my child’s school they tell parents what to put in lunch boxes but never explain to kids the reason behind it.”

What this could mean in practice

If you are an older person being discharged from hospital, the council and health services should work together to make sure your home is safe and suitable for your needs, making sure any alterations or adaptations are made before you leave hospital.

If you live in a housing association flat, it should not be damp or cold, and your children should not have to share the same bed or bedroom as you and your partner.

If you are a young carer, you should be protected from taking on caring roles which harm you or mean you can’t have the same opportunities to learn or have friendships as other people your age. Adults should get the support they need to make sure you don’t have to take on too much care.

If you want to give up smoking you should find it easy to get the support and information you need to help quit.

Join the conversation

Tweet your thoughts using @HealthwatchE, or contact your local Healthwatch to share your thoughts and experiences. Some questions to get you started:

  • What does the right to live in a healthy environment mean to you?
  • How do you see this right working in the real world?