Healthwatch Network Award Winners 2017

The Healthwatch Network Awards recognise the ways in which Healthwatch across the country have helped make people’s views of health and social care services heard over the last 12 months. Take a look at our winners this year.
Group of conference award winners

Highly Commended

Healthwatch Kirklees, for their role in encouraging local leaders to reduce unnecessary visits to the dentist, as well as making more NHS dental appointments available to the community.

Healthwatch Suffolk, for their 'Supporting Mum' project, which uses people's experiences to encourage local maternity services to improve.

Healthwatch Cumbria, for their role in bringing together local people with those that make decisions to talk about future healthcare for their community.

Healthwatch Wakefield, for getting local people involved in changes to local services and using what they say to evaluate how well care is working.


Healthwatch Reading, for improving people's experiences of going to A&E and cutting down unnecessary visits.

Healthwatch network award winners


Highly Commended

Healthwatch Norfolk, for their work to understand and improve veteran's experiences of mental health services.

Healthwatch Torbay, for highlighting concerns about a home care which led to the CQC placing them into Special Measures until improvements were made.

Healthwatch Coventry, for gathering people’s views to influence changes to pharmacy services.

Healthwatch Newcastle, for their work to understand people’s experiences of home care services and what they want from them in the future.


Healthwatch Isle of Wight, for raising concerns about the quality of care in residential and nursing homes and ensuring improvements were made.

Healthwatch network awards

Highly Commended

Healthwatch Liverpool, for their work to provide consistent information to the public with online directories and a dedicated advice and information helpline.

Healthwatch York, for listening to and understanding the challenges the public face and producing really accessible information and resources to help overcome them.

Healthwatch Dorset, for their commitment to providing information in accessible formats to meet the needs of their community.

Healthwatch Wirral, for establishing a physical presence in their local hospital, and for developing an online directory to help people find the services they need.


Healthwatch Essex, for helping over, 4,000 patients, carers and professionals find information about health and care services.

Healthwatch network award