Healthwatch England launches first Annual Report to Parliament

Our annual report to Parliament outlines the role of Healthwatch England and local Healthwatch, as well as highlighting our activity over our first six months.

Our new research demonstrates that the public has serious concerns about the way they are being treated and cared for. Yet, on the surface, satisfaction levels are high with almost three quarters of us stating that we receive good quality care.

We believe this paper-thin veneer of satisfaction is stopping us all getting to grips with the widespread failures across our health and social care services. We have used our first report to Parliament to dig deep into people’s experiences and find out how things really are on the ground.

Today we are presenting eight consumer rights to help us all stand up for ourselves and drive improvement in our care homes, hospitals and GP surgeries.

Anna Bradley, Chair of Healthwatch England, said:

“Whether we are visiting A&E or require meals on wheels, the problem is the same. Few of us know what to expect from our care.

“Just seeing ourselves as having rights changes the game. It gets us thinking differently, asking different types of questions and helps us demand the standard of treatment and care we deserve.

“We all need to stop acting like grateful patients and care users, and start to see ourselves as savvy consumers, insisting on our right to safe, dignified and high quality care.”

We are using this report to kick-off a national conversation around consumer rights in health and social care. Over the next 12 months, we will be collecting evidence from across the network of 152 local Healthwatch on whether or not these rights are being respected and will report our findings to Parliament."

Read our Annual Report, find out more about consumer rights for health and social care and join the conversation.

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