Our strategy sets out where we want to be by 2023 and how we intend to get there in partnership with local Healthwatch.

The following page outlines our plans and what we want to achieve in 2020-21.

Our aims

In March 2018, we published our strategic aims which are to: 

  • Support you to have your say
  • Provide a high quality service to you
  • Ensure your views help improve health and care

Our priorities for 2020-21

Our plan outlines what we want to achieve this year when it comes to each of these aims, as well as how we can make sure we are a well run organisation.

1. Support you to have your say

We will further transform our communication with the public by:

  • Adopting a cross-team campaigns approach to raise awareness of our service and understand people's experiences about health and care issues.
  • Supporting more people to use our advice and information.
  • Running campaigns that increase feedback about key policy priorities.

2. Provide a high quality service to you

We will further enable our network of local Healthwatch services to be more effective by:

  • Improving the quality and volume of evidence we collect with focus on equality and diversity data.
  • Delivering an engagement plan with local government to improve understanding of our role and the value we bring.
  • Running a programme to help improve the way we understand, evaluate, communicate and report impact.
  • Providing a learning and development programme to support the core competencies and knowledge requirements of our staff and volunteers.

3. Ensure your views help improve health and care

We will further develop our insight to influence policy at a national, regional and local level by:

  • Using existing insight and new policy-focused research projects to shape emerging health and care thinking.

4. Organisational management

We will be a well-run high-performing organisation by:

  • Making sure we spend our budget effectively.
  • Ensuring the majority of our projects remain on track
  • Making sure staff feel engaged with our overall objectives.
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What we do

We’re here to find out what matters to people, and help make sure their views shape the support they need. Find out what we do via the link below.

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