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Your spotlight on health and social care services


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Our priorities

Our remit covers all health and social care services in England.

We set our plans based on what people tell local Healthwatch about their experiences, as well as data regarding the health and social care issues affecting the general public.

Find out more about our current priorities and how we work.

Equality and human rights

Download a copy of our commitment to equality and human rights and statement.

Supporting local Healthwatch

To provide leadership, support and advice to local Healthwatch to be a powerful advocate for services that work for people.

What are our objectives?

To understand and respond to the network’s support needs.

  • To support the network to engage their communities and encourage greater use of the views people share to drive improvements to care.
  • To help local Healthwatch comply with legislation.
  • To support the network to be sustainable.

What do we plan to do?

Share an analysis of the Healthwatch network’s operating models and continue to monitor local Healthwatch funding.

- Deliver a programme of support to help local Healthwatch:

  • Share best practice and learn from one another.
  • Provide an effective information and signposting service to the public.
  • Engage their communities, involve them in reforms such as Sustainability and Transformation Plans and communicate people’s views of care.
  • Improve the quality and use of the evidence they gather.
  • Recruit and manage their volunteers.
  • Comply with legislation covering the management of personal information, as well as equalities and human rights.
  • Strengthen relationships with key partners, including local authorities, the third sector, the NHS and CQC.
  • Build their capacity to carry out their work.

- Continue to develop the digital systems that enable local Healthwatch to engage the public and share information with us and each other.

- Establish a common way for the network to understand and demonstrate the impact of their work. 

What will be the impact? 

We will know the strengths and capacity of the network and where further help is needed.

  • Our support will enable local Healthwatch to improve the quality of their service.
  • The public will better understand the role of local Healthwatch and engagement will increase.
  • The relationship between local Healthwatch and health and care decision makers will be stronger.
  • Awareness of the evidence that the network gathers and its impact on care services will increase.


Bringing your views to the heart of national decisions

Our second priority will be to bring the experiences people share with the Healthwatch network to those making national decisions about the NHS and social care.

What are our objectives?

  • To improve the way we gather and understand the experiences the public share with local Healthwatch.
  • To develop a clear system for ensuring that those with the power to change services hear people’s views.

What do we plan to do?

  • Develop the way we capture and analyse people’s views of health and social care.
  • Make the evidence we gather accessible to the public and professionals.
  • Build relationships with key health and social care decision makers.
  • Deliver a communications and influencing strategy to make sure that the public’s voice is heard.
  • Track and raise awareness of the impact people’s views have had on care.

What will be the impact?

  • We will be able to identify the public’s health and care concerns.
  • Those who make decisions about NHS and social care will be able to access the information they need.
  • National health and social care policies will take into account the views of the public.
  • There will be greater awareness of the impact that sharing experiences of care can have.

Develop an effective Healthwatch England

To build and develop an effective learning and values based Healthwatch England.

What are our objectives?

  • To continue to develop ways of working that deliver value for money.
  • To develop a new long-term strategy for Healthwatch England.
  • To support our Committee to deliver its statutory functions.
  • To continue to build and maximise the capacity of our organisation.

What do we plan to do?

  •  Continue to work closely and effectively with the CQC and to share resources.
  • Create a strategy which takes into account the views of the public and other stakeholders.
  • Provide our Committee with the information it needs to make decisions, measure its impact on health and social care services, and make the most of its expertise.
  • Develop and test new ways of working that maximise the potential of our new organisational structure.
  • Identify a way to ensure that equality, diversity and human rights underpin everything that we do.
  • Ensure we develop staff skills to help deliver our business plan and ensure that organisational learning is captured and used.

What will be the impact?

  • We will gain further efficiencies by sharing more resources and systems with the CQC.
  • Our strategy will enable us to focus on the issues of greatest importance to people.
  • The Committee will continue to make informed, transparent decisions, and to maximise its contribution to our cause.
  • We will see the benefits of our organisational structure, work efficiently, and deliver value for money.
  • We will deliver our Public Sector Equality Duties.
  • Our staff team will have the skills it needs, and good opportunities for development.

Download our business plan

Download a copy of our business plan that outlines our plans for April 2017 - March 2018

Download the business plan

business plan

Our remit covers all health and social care services and we work for everyone, not just those who shout the loudest. As part of this, we have a role in promoting and protecting equality and human rights for everyone who uses health and social care services. 

Find out more about our commitment to equality and human rights, and our plans for 2017-18.

Download the business plan in large print

large print business plan