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How we developed our rights framework

We tested eight international consumer rights with health and social care users, drawing on their experiences.

There is a well-established and globally recognised framework for consumer rights, developed and refined over the last fifty years. These rights are based on international guidelines adopted by the United Nations in 1985, and expanded in 1999.

Governments around the world use these guidelines to help shape people’s rights. They have inspired people and organisations around the world and in the UK to get better quality services and ensure their voice is heard.

We tested the eight international consumer rights with representatives from local Healthwatch and the public, drawing on their own experiences of health and social care system. People helped us to develop the rights at a deliberative workshop, video interviews, and through nearly two thousand interviews during the summer of 2013. 

We also spoke to academics and researchers about the rights and explored different international and domestic models to make sure we hadn’t missed anything.

The public found the international rights to be a useful starting point, but wanted to improve and develop them and make them easier to understand. They wanted to introduce some concerns arising from their own experiences of health and social care services.

Download the video transcript                                Download the video transcript