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Proposed standards for complaints advocacy

Posted on 10/02/15

Cover of advocacy standards documentThese proposed standards set out Healthwatch England’s vision for complaints advocacy. They have been developed in collaboration with users, providers and commissioners of complaints advocacy services, and reflect the expertise and experience of these groups.

The purpose of the standards is to provide a vision of what a good complaints advocacy service should look like. We start by setting out the principles that must be at the heart of complaints advocacy. The standards describe what these principles look like in practice, from the perspective of service users and providers. We have also included some examples to illustrate what the standards might look like when put into practice.

These standards are not intended as a minimum baseline to be met. Rather, they provide a set of user-centred outcomes that should be central to the commissioning and provision of complaints advocacy services.

For people who use health and social care services

The standards are underpinned by ‘I’ statements that define what the outcomes of good complaints advocacy look like for service users. These make an easy-to-use guide to what people should expect from the service.

For those who provide or commission services

We believe that every provider and commissioner who aspires to provide a better, more user-orientated service will want to use these standards. They should be used in planning, delivering and monitoring to ensure that complaints advocacy services meet service user needs and expectations.

The ‘We promise’ statements describe the commitments that providers of complaints advocacy services can make to ensure that their services meet the needs and expectations of the people who use them. The Appendix includes a set of possible indicators that commissioners and providers may find useful when thinking about how to demonstrate that they are delivering a more user-orientated complaints advocacy service.

These standards will also be of use to services such as PALS, Healthwatch and the CQC, who are not involved in the provision of complaints advocacy but work alongside these services.

Download our proposed standards (PDF 334.24KB)