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Local complaints systems: how well are they working?

Posted on 12/07/17

We all have a right to make a complaint if health and care services aren't up to scratch. When the system for those complaints doesn’t work properly, everyone loses out - especially those people who have taken the time and trouble to complain in the first place.

Main toolkit

This toolkit - produced in partnership with local Healthwatch in May 2016 - aims to help local Healthwatch scrutinise local complaints systems, make recommendations based on findings and follow through on the improvements they ask for.

Social care complaints appendix

The social care appendix, published in July 2017, provides further support for local Healthwatch who want to scrutinise the complaints systems for adult social care services.

This publication has been produced as part of our work to support the Quality Matters programme. Quality matters sets out a shared vision on how quality care and support can be achieved and person-centred care can becomes the norm for all. 

Work for local Healthwatch?

The resource pack referred to in these publications, along with the full toolkit, are available to local Healthwatch via our on-line community. If you are not involved in your local Healthwatch but would like to know more about our work in this area, please contact enquiries@healthwatch.co.uk

Download the complaints toolkit (PDF 579.86KB)

Download the social care complaints toolkit appendix (PDF 5.1MB)