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Title Healthwatch Date of publication Number of people who shared their views Is there evidence of impact in the report? Number of site users who found this report useful
Patient participation and changes to primary care Healthwatch Warwickshire 18 December 2020 905 No
  • Yes11
  • No14
Wolverhampton Cervical Screening Project report Healthwatch Wolverhampton 9 September 2020 184 No
  • Yes16
  • No22
Enter and view: Southcoates Medical Centre Healthwatch Kingston Upon Hull 19 August 2015 Not known No
  • Yes38
  • No40
Enter and view: Meadowbanks Care Home Healthwatch Havering 9 May 2014 Not known No
  • Yes40
  • No43
Milton Keynes Primary Care Plus review Healthwatch Milton Keynes 15 January 2018 10 No
  • Yes38
  • No40
Transport to Health Services, Devon Healthwatch Devon 1 October 2014 230 No
  • Yes35
  • No40
Spotlight on mental_health in Aldershot, Hampshire Healthwatch Hampshire 9 September 2017 5 No
  • Yes39
  • No39
Enter and view: Whitenash Medical Centre Healthwatch Warwickshire 11 March 2016 34 No
  • Yes37
  • No41
Crucial Crew children's health and emotional wellbeing survey Healthwatch Herefordshire 1 June 2018 1770 No
  • Yes34
  • No39
Pharmacy services in Islington: Awareness of additional services Healthwatch Islington 21 September 2017 117 No
  • Yes46
  • No49
Primary care trend analysis report: Walthamstow cluster Healthwatch Waltham Forest 1 September 2016 not known No
  • Yes56
  • No69
Enter and view: Brookview Nursing and Residential Centre, Cheshire Healthwatch Cheshire East 5 May 2015 15 No
  • Yes38
  • No41
Patient experience report 2017 Healthwatch Ealing 27 November 2017 661 No
  • Yes50
  • No54
The patient experience: Evaluation report, One Hackney and City Healthwatch Hackney 1 March 2017 17 No
  • Yes53
  • No51
Enter and view: Lytham Court Care Home Healthwatch Lancashire 1 June 2017 9 No
  • Yes44
  • No47
What people think of district nursing Healthwatch Wigan 21 March 2019 41 No
  • Yes74
  • No84
How are you doing? (Covid-19) August 2020 Healthwatch Luton 8 October 2020 91 No
  • Yes17
  • No20
Enter and view: Turner Ward, Goodmayes Hospital Healthwatch Havering 11 May 2016 not known No
  • Yes58
  • No61
Annual Report 2019-2020 Healthwatch County Durham 1 July 2020 not known No
  • Yes33
  • No33
Experiences of health, care and support services in Sheffield during the COVID-19 pandemic Healthwatch Sheffield 19 November 2020 567 No
  • Yes15
  • No11
Obstacles to older people's access to health services in Newham Healthwatch Newham 12 February 2020 61 No
  • Yes32
  • No35
New year blues Healthwatch Oldham 20 July 2020 49 No
  • Yes24
  • No32
Enter and view: Regents View Healthwatch Sunderland 23 August 2019 Not known No
  • Yes39
  • No42
Enter and view: Princess Royal Hospital - Women's services Healthwatch Telford & Wrekin 27 April 2020 9 No
  • Yes38
  • No48
Flu vaccinations during pregnancy survey results Healthwatch Milton Keynes 31 July 2018 39 No
  • Yes35
  • No40
Enter and view: Heartly Green Residential Home Healthwatch Salford 5 December 2019 10 No
  • Yes33
  • No40
Patient awareness of NHS medical services Millway patient Healthwatch Barnet 5 January 2018 390 No
  • Yes42
  • No41
Enter and view: Woodleigh Manor Residential Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire 7 December 2015 3 No
  • Yes31
  • No33
Enter and view: Springvale Court Care Home, Gateshead Healthwatch Gateshead 26 October 2016 11 No
  • Yes39
  • No41
Enter and view: Walstead Place Healthwatch West Sussex 10 March 2015 9 No
  • Yes42
  • No47
Enter and view: Good Companions Residential Home Healthwatch Cumbria 24 February 2014 7 No
  • Yes33
  • No38
Enter and view: Stonedale Lodge, Liverpool Healthwatch Liverpool 15 August 2017 not known No
  • Yes56
  • No60
Enter and view: Leighton Hospital Frenulotomy Clinic Healthwatch Cheshire East 31 January 2017 3 No
  • Yes68
  • No60
Report: GP services, St Helens Healthwatch St Helens 27 November 2015 672 No
  • Yes33
  • No39
Follow up to GP patient experience report Healthwatch Buckinghamshire 16 October 2017 Unknown No
  • Yes55
  • No55
Enter and view: Alan Morkhill House Healthwatch Central West London 22 June 2017 17 No
  • Yes48
  • No53
Intel report December 2016 Healthwatch Lincolnshire 31 December 2016 156 No
  • Yes47
  • No53
Insight Bulletin: June 2020 Healthwatch Surrey 7 December 2020 Unknown No
  • Yes11
  • No11
Healthwatch in Sussex: Restoration and Recovery Programme Healthwatch Brighton And Hove, Healthwatch East Sussex, Healthwatch West Sussex 24 August 2020 2,185 No
  • Yes25
  • No29
Enter and view: Callands care Home Healthwatch Warrington 7 June 2016 not known No
  • Yes76
  • No73

Community services
This category includes health visitors, community nursing, etc.

Mental health
This category includes CAMHS, IAPT, etc

Primary care
This category includes general practice, pharmacy, dental, etc.

Secondary care
This category includes hospital-based services

Social care
This category includes home care, care homes, care assessments, etc.

Urgent and emergency care
This category includes NHS 111, ambulance services, etc.

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