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Title Healthwatch Date of publication Number of people who shared their views Number of site users who found this report useful
Enter and view: Tolworth Hospital Jasmines Ward Healthwatch Kingston upon Thames 3 November 2015 17
  • Yes63
  • No76
Enter and view: Market Weigton Group Practice Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire 3 November 2015 Not known
  • Yes65
  • No81
Enter and view: Manor Court Surgery Healthwatch Warwickshire 2 November 2015 60
  • Yes66
  • No93
Enter and view: Moorfields Eye Clinic, Bedford Healthwatch Bedford Borough 2 November 2015 9
  • Yes70
  • No86
Enter and view: Bidford on Avon Healthwatch Warwickshire 2 November 2015 58
  • Yes61
  • No85
Intelligence report Healthwatch Derbyshire 1 November 2015 Unknown
  • Yes64
  • No79
Enter and view: Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust Drug and Alcohol Recovery Team (DART) Healthwatch Lincolnshire 1 November 2015 Not known
  • Yes54
  • No75
Dignity in care report Healthwatch Oxfordshire 1 November 2015 218
  • Yes58
  • No77
Outcomes and Impact Report Healthwatch Oxfordshire 1 November 2015 218
  • Yes59
  • No74
Survey on Dementia services in Manchester Healthwatch Manchester 1 November 2015 21
  • Yes53
  • No76
Trends analysis: Paediatrics, Croydon University Hospital Healthwatch Croydon 1 November 2015 36
  • Yes92
  • No102
Orthotics feedback Healthwatch Cornwall 1 November 2015 Unknown
  • Yes66
  • No79
Review of information for patients and the public about Coventry GP practices Healthwatch Coventry 31 October 2015 n/a
  • Yes42
  • No61
Summary of issues October 2015 Healthwatch Lincolnshire 31 October 2015 865
  • Yes69
  • No85
Enter and view: Wye Ward, Wye Valley Trust Healthwatch Herefordshire 30 October 2015 10
  • Yes103
  • No122
Patient engagement day at Burnley General Hospital Healthwatch Lancashire 28 October 2015 64
  • Yes99
  • No106
Enter and view: Darley Court Healthwatch Bolton 26 October 2015 Not known
  • Yes64
  • No84
Enter and view: Youell Court Residential Care Home Healthwatch Coventry 26 October 2015 14
  • Yes71
  • No84
Enter and view: Darley Court Healthwatch Bolton 26 October 2015 9
  • Yes117
  • No119
Enter and view: Lyndhurst Lodge Residential Care Home Healthwatch Leicester 24 October 2015 Not known
  • Yes56
  • No82
Enter and view: Nickleby Lodge Healthwatch Medway 21 October 2015 1
  • Yes115
  • No121
Community pharmacies Healthwatch Cornwall 21 October 2015 648
  • Yes66
  • No84
Enter and view: Diana Princess of Wales Hospital Healthwatch Lincolnshire 19 October 2015 31
  • Yes69
  • No79
Enter and view: Heatherwood Nursing Home Healthwatch Croydon 14 October 2015 Unknown
  • Yes61
  • No80
Enter and view: Salisbury House Surgery Healthwatch Central Bedfordshire 13 October 2015 82
  • Yes70
  • No88
Enter and view: Springfield Cottage Healthwatch Blackburn with Darwen 12 October 2015 9
  • Yes107
  • No118
Enter and view: Etheldred House Healthwatch Cambridgeshire 10 October 2015 6
  • Yes90
  • No120
Enter and view: Southmead Hospital mental health services Healthwatch South Gloucestershire 10 October 2015 10
  • Yes95
  • No122
Enter and view: Saint Francis Hospice Healthwatch Havering 9 October 2015 Not known
  • Yes59
  • No81
Enter and view: Wayside Care Home Healthwatch Worcestershire 7 October 2015 Not known
  • Yes64
  • No81
Enter and view: Lime and Silver Birch Wards, Callington Road Mental Health Services Healthwatch Bristol, Healthwatch South Gloucestershire 6 October 2015 Not known
  • Yes0
  • No0
Enter and view: Suffolk House Healthwatch Enfield 6 October 2015 6
  • Yes67
  • No86
Enter and view: Alderlea Care Home Healthwatch North East Lincolnshire 6 October 2015 2
  • Yes93
  • No134
Enter and view: Ashton Lodge, Bedfordshire Healthwatch Central Bedfordshire 2 October 2015 8
  • Yes66
  • No84
People’s views on record sharing between the health and social care professionals involved in their care in Surrey Healthwatch Surrey 1 October 2015 577
  • Yes62
  • No84
If I've told you once: people's views on record sharing between the health and care professionals Healthwatch Surrey 1 October 2015 557
  • Yes98
  • No99
Ambulatory emergency care: reviewing a new model of health provision Healthwatch Hounslow 1 October 2015 50
  • Yes106
  • No105
Analysis of comments received October 2014 to September 2015 Healthwatch Shropshire 1 October 2015 735
  • Yes113
  • No116
Enter and view: Queen’s Hospital: Outpatients’ Department – fire evacuation procedure Healthwatch Havering 1 October 2015 Not known
  • Yes79
  • No90
Enter and view: St Barnabas Hospice Healthwatch Lincolnshire 1 October 2015 5
  • Yes94
  • No122

Community services
This category includes health visitors, community nursing, etc.

Mental health
This category includes CAMHS, IAPT, etc

Primary care
This category includes general practice, pharmacy, dental, etc.

Secondary care
This category includes hospital-based services

Social care
This category includes home care, care homes, care assessments, etc.

Urgent and emergency care
This category includes NHS 111, ambulance services, etc.

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