Young People Focus Group Report: A Happier and Healthier Berkshire

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Summary of report content

Healthwatch Reading spoke with 10 young people between 17 and 18 years from a local school as part of their personal, social health and economic education lesson (PHSE)

The young people anonymously voted from a list of 11 priorities proposed by public health officials for the new strategy. They ended up with 4 priorities because the last two gained the same number of votes. Their fourth priority was of their own choosing, not one of the original 11, but one that most young people thought was important, these were:

  1. Good mental health and wellbeing for all children and young people.
  2. Build strong, socially connected communities.
  3. To stop unfair differences in health between different groups of people.
  4. Measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 before and after we get vaccinated.

Public health officials will consider the findings of a range of focus groups being held in Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire as well as results of a wider public survey, before finalising the strategy to apply across the three areas.

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General details

Report title 
Young People Focus Group Report: A Happier and Healthier Berkshire
Local Healthwatch 
Healthwatch Reading
Date of publication 
Thursday, 22 July, 2021
Date evidence capture began 
Tuesday, 19 January, 2021
Date evidence capture finished 
Tuesday, 19 January, 2021
Key themes 
Health inequalities
Lifestyle and wellbeing
Quality of care

Methodology and approach

Primary research method used 
Focus group

Details of health and care services included in the report

Mental health services 
Child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS)
Community services 

Details of people who shared their views

Number of people who shared their views 
Age group 
16-17 years
18-24 years
What was the main sentiment of the people who shared their views? 

Outcomes and impact

Were recommendations made by local Healthwatch in the report? 
Does the information contain a response from a provider? 

Network Impact
Relationships that exist locally, regionally, nationally have benefited from the work undertaken in the report
Implied Impact
Where it is implied that change may occur in the future as a result of Healthwatch work. This can be implied in a provider  response, press release or other source. Implied impact can become tangible impact once change has occurred.
Tangible Impact
There is evidence of change that can be directly attributed to Healthwatch work undertaken in the report.