You said We did 2014-2015, Young Healthwatch Bristol

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Summary of report content

Healthwatch Bristol ‘You Said, We Did’ report summary of work report from Young Healthwatch Bristol. Children and Young People told Healthwatch Bristol they needed more support to develop their resilience and wellbeing before they became ill with a mental health illness. Healthwatch Bristol responded by choosing Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing as their focus topic for January-March 2015. This is a very comprehensive break down of the activities and findings of the work that Healthwatch Bristol and their young Healthwatch branch engaged with and goes into great detail over 5 sections. Young Healthwatch is one part of Healthwatch Bristol. Young Healthwatch gives children and young people a strong voice in health and social care services. This included two young Healthwatch events in February and October 2014. From January 2015- April 2015, Healthwatch Bristol chose Young People and Mental Health as their quarterly focus; recruited and trained young people as Young Champions; supported young people to train and volunteer as Young Champions; worked with Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group to include young people in the development of Children’s Community Health Services; supported a group of young people to work with the local CCG to be involved in the re-commissioning process for Children’s Community Health Services in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset. There are further examples throughout the report in Sections 1 and 2. In Sections 3, the report outlines actions that Healthwatch Bristol took following this activity and which statutory bodies the followed up with. Section 4 outlines the future of Young Healthwatch Bristol and Section 5 breaks down how Young Healthwatch Bristol can get involved in national research and projects.

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General details

Report title 
You said We did 2014-2015, Young Healthwatch Bristol
Local Healthwatch 
Healthwatch Bristol
Date of publication 
Friday, 1 May, 2015
Date evidence capture began 
Wednesday, 1 October, 2014
Date evidence capture finished 
Friday, 1 May, 2015
Type of report 
Key themes 
Holistic support
Lifestyle and wellbeing
Public involvement
Staff attitudes
Other information of note about this report 
Young Carers
Healthwatch reference number 

Methodology and approach

Was the work undertaken at the request of another organisation? 
How was the information collected? 
Engagement Event
If an Enter and View methodology was applied, was the visit announced or unannounced? 

Details of health and care services included in the report

Primary care services 
GP practice
Secondary care services 
Child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS)
Sexual health
Mental health services 
Child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS)
Community mental health team (CMHT)
Depression and anxiety service
Eating disorder services
Social care services 
Children services
Other services 
NHS choices

Details of people who shared their views

Age group 
1-15 years
Specific ethnicity if known 
Sexual orientation 
Not known
Does the information include public's views? 
Does the information include carer's, friend's or relative's views? 
Does the information include staff's views? 
Does the information include other people's views? 
What was the main sentiment of the people who shared their views? 

Network Impact
Relationships that exist locally, regionally, nationally have benefited from the work undertaken in the report
Implied Impact
Where it is implied that change may occur in the future as a result of Healthwatch work. This can be implied in a provider  response, press release or other source. Implied impact can become tangible impact once change has occurred.
Tangible Impact
There is evidence of change that can be directly attributed to Healthwatch work undertaken in the report.