Support for unpaid carers in Wiltshire

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Summary of report content

Healthwatch Wiltshire wrote a report in July 2015. This report seeks the views of unpaid carers in Wiltshire and their experiences of being a carer and the help and advice they need in a crisis situation. The role of unpaid carers in Wiltshire is an essential one. The focus of this survey is to find out ‘what would support carers during a crisis in order to prevent carer breakdown’, and seeks to understand whether the services on offer are meeting the needs of carers, and specifically what services would make the most positive impact for carers who require immediate support. In total Healthwatch Wiltshire received feedback from 245 residents, 52 from 5 different focus groups, 91 responses from an online survey, 7 one to one interviews and 95 people from events and community areas. The majority of carers engaged with said that having crisis support available would make them feel confident in their caring role. It was felt that an effective response in a crisis situation could enable the cared for person to remain in their own home, and the carer to continue in their role for longer. Carers who already felt confident said that having support from family and carer support groups contributed to their confidence. There were several key findings highlighted in the report. Carers need help available, at the end of a ‘phone, 24/7 for advice and a listening ear. Appropriate and timely respite support. Information about services (and eligibility) must be accessible and well-advertised. Training for carers would be welcomed. Appropriate emotional support and counselling would help carers to feel more supported and understood. Agencies have a responsibility to work well together and ‘join up’ (especially important for parent carers), this includes taking responsibility for making referrals so that carers get the help they need. Mental health is seen as a poor relation to physical health issues. Carers are concerned about levels of understanding, help and support for mental health. Services for the cared for person must be in place otherwise there is a negative impact on their unpaid carers. There were no recommendations made in this report and has no service response.

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Support for unpaid carers in Wiltshire
Local Healthwatch 
Healthwatch Wiltshire
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Tuesday, 7 July, 2015
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Tuesday, 7 July, 2015
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Tuesday, 7 July, 2015
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Health promotion
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Young Carers
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