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Title Healthwatch Date of publication Number of people who shared their views Is there evidence of impact in the report? Number of site users who found this report useful
What are people telling us during COVID-19 Healthwatch Luton 9 July 2020 300 Not known
  • Yes52
  • No71
What are the public saying about health and care in Humber Coast and Vale? Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire, Healthwatch Kingston Upon Hull, Healthwatch North East Lincolnshire, Healthwatch North Lincolnshire, Healthwatch North Yorkshire, Healthwatch York 1 July 2016 20000 Not known
  • Yes49
  • No65
What care and support did Birmingham citizens need during the Covid-19 lockdown? Healthwatch Birmingham 2 November 2020 974 Yes
  • Yes43
  • No62
What challenges do people with sight loss face accessing vision rehabilitation services in Birmingham? Healthwatch Birmingham 23 September 2020 33 Yes
  • Yes49
  • No62
What Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly say about health and social care during the COVID-19 pandemic Healthwatch Cornwall 16 October 2020 1731 No
  • Yes43
  • No59
What do local people think should be done to improve urgent and emergency care? Healthwatch Barnet, Healthwatch Camden, Healthwatch Enfield, Healthwatch Haringey, Healthwatch Islington 2 May 2017 117 No
  • Yes77
  • No90
What do patients think about the Fracture Clinics at the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust? Healthwatch Worcestershire 11 July 2019 375 No
  • Yes89
  • No104
What do you think of Healthwatch Wiltshire? Healthwatch Wiltshire 1 May 2019 124 Not applicable
  • Yes92
  • No105
What does it feel like to be a young person living in Torbay today? Healthwatch Torbay 1 January 2019 1913 No
  • Yes80
  • No92
What does South Warwickshire think of a patient portal? Healthwatch Warwickshire 18 December 2020 428 No
  • Yes41
  • No56
What helped you most, what helped you least? Healthwatch Herefordshire 5 June 2017 39 No
  • Yes72
  • No92
What I want within reason, mealtimes in care homes Healthwatch Surrey 30 March 2018 237 Yes
  • Yes55
  • No73
What is it like living in and around Didcot in 2020? Healthwatch Oxfordshire 22 April 2021 146 No
  • Yes22
  • No41
What is the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on disabled people in Sheffield? Healthwatch Sheffield 13 April 2021 Not known No
  • Yes22
  • No38
What is working well - snapshot Healthwatch Merton 1 June 2021 45 No
  • Yes5
  • No6
What it is like to be a Carer in Slough Healthwatch Slough 4 November 2018 65 Yes
  • Yes61
  • No79
What makes a GP website patient friendly? Healthwatch Bristol 6 August 2021 not known No
  • Yes15
  • No24
What makes for a positive health or social care experience? Healthwatch Derbyshire 19 August 2016 620
  • Yes62
  • No76
What matters most to unpaid carers Healthwatch Portsmouth 30 April 2021 108 No
  • Yes13
  • No28
What matters most: support people want from general practices in Birmingham Healthwatch Birmingham 30 May 2019 122 Yes
  • Yes99
  • No127
What matters most? Healthwatch Bracknell Forest 28 June 2021 155
  • Yes15
  • No39
What matters most? Healthwatch Slough 28 June 2021 101 No
  • Yes12
  • No37
What matters most? Healthwatch Windsor, Ascot & Maidenhead 28 June 2021 244 No
  • Yes19
  • No35
What matters to veterans? Healthwatch Essex 22 June 2021 28 No
  • Yes18
  • No31
What matters to you? Rutland people tell us what they need and want from place-based care Healthwatch Rutland 20 August 2021 139 Yes
  • Yes11
  • No24
What mental health support is available to local people who have received a cancer diagnosis; and what would help professionals to support their patients, carers and families in the community? Healthwatch Wigan 19 February 2020 46 No
  • Yes70
  • No88
What people are telling us about Covid-19 vaccination in Oxfordshire Healthwatch Oxfordshire 31 July 2021 616 No
  • Yes13
  • No23
What people have told us about getting treatment for earwax and hearing problems in Oxfordshire Healthwatch Oxfordshire 26 October 2021 173 No
  • Yes3
  • No13
What people have told us about health and social care during the pandemic Healthwatch Surrey 19 June 2020 151 No
  • Yes52
  • No75
What people have told us about NHS administration Healthwatch England 30 June 2020 112 No
  • Yes14
  • No26
What people think of district nursing Healthwatch Wigan 21 March 2019 41 No
  • Yes108
  • No119
What people told us about Ophthalmology services at Southport & Ormskirk NHS trust Healthwatch Sefton 16 December 2020 36 No
  • Yes42
  • No55
What people told us about their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic Healthwatch Barnsley 7 January 2021 34 No
  • Yes34
  • No59
What people told us about their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic in January 2021 Healthwatch Barnsley 29 January 2021 149 No
  • Yes27
  • No50
What people told us about their experiences during the COVID–19 pandemic Healthwatch Barnsley 23 June 2020 100 No
  • Yes48
  • No66
What people told us about their experiences during the COVID–19 pandemic Healthwatch Barnsley 3 August 2020 34 No
  • Yes47
  • No63
What relatives of care home residents in Leeds are saying about their family member's emotional wellbeing (COVID) Healthwatch Leeds 30 June 2020 51 No
  • Yes51
  • No64
What support do local people want following hospital discharge after a Stroke? Healthwatch Wigan 19 February 2020 54 No
  • Yes70
  • No87
What the Isles of Scilly have said about their experience of leaving hospital during Covid-19 Healthwatch Isles of Scilly 29 April 2021 5 No
  • Yes12
  • No29
What the Isles of Scilly have said about their experience of remote consultations Healthwatch Isles of Scilly 29 April 2021 11 No
  • Yes12
  • No30

Network Impact
Relationships that exist locally, regionally, nationally have benefited from the work undertaken in the report
Implied Impact
Where it is implied that change may occur in the future as a result of Healthwatch work. This can be implied in a provider  response, press release or other source. Implied impact can become tangible impact once change has occurred.
Tangible Impact
There is evidence of change that can be directly attributed to Healthwatch work undertaken in the report.