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Title Healthwatch Date of publication Number of people who shared their views Number of site users who found this report useful
A mystery shop of Croydon's GPs on registration Healthwatch Croydon 4 March 2019 57
  • Yes112
  • No147
A report into public opinion surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine in Rotherham Healthwatch Rotherham 3 March 2021 334
  • Yes34
  • No50
A report of people's experiences leaving hospital Healthwatch Devon 1 July 2015 307
  • Yes88
  • No17
A report of the experiences of young carers in Bexley Borough Healthwatch Bexley 1 August 2018 19
  • Yes62
  • No84
A Report on 0-5 years-old children’s emotional wellbeing in Oxfordshire Healthwatch Oxfordshire 6 January 2021 79
  • Yes36
  • No60
A report on feedback in relation to Autism - Healthwatch Cornwall Healthwatch Cornwall 1 January 2015 62
  • Yes63
  • No98
A report on maternity care in Hillingdon Healthwatch Hillingdon 3 April 2017 251
  • Yes84
  • No102
A report on meal times at Northwick Park Hospital Summary, Brent Healthwatch Brent 4 January 2017 52
  • Yes58
  • No83
A report on obesity in Rotherham, how it compares to other areas in England, and how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected weight loss related services Healthwatch Rotherham 15 February 2021 not known
  • Yes33
  • No56
A report on people's experiences of accident & emergency at Northern General Hospital Healthwatch Sheffield 23 April 2016 48
  • Yes89
  • No104
A report on the views of parents/carers, staff and volunteers on services for under 5s delivered by Children’s Centres and Library Plus in Northamptonshire Healthwatch Northamptonshire 1 September 2015 161
  • Yes66
  • No78
A review of access to Manchester's sexual health services Healthwatch Manchester 22 October 2018 437
  • Yes72
  • No86
A review of dentistry services in Oldham Healthwatch Oldham 30 April 2021 67
  • Yes16
  • No39
A review of GP out-of-hours answerphone messages Healthwatch Southwark 26 March 2016 not known
  • Yes97
  • No127
A review of GP out-of-hours answerphone messages: What do they tell us? Healthwatch Southwark 1 June 2017 not known
  • Yes114
  • No103
A review of our dignity in care enter and view visits to adult care homes Healthwatch Buckinghamshire 8 May 2016 206
  • Yes117
  • No113
A review of our work: Annual report 2018-19 Healthwatch Sefton 10 July 2019 not known
  • Yes102
  • No125
A review of people's experiences of DNAR procedures in the Oldham area Healthwatch Oldham 1 December 2020 45
  • Yes46
  • No59
A review of people's experiences with Health and Care Services whilst living with cancer during COVID-19 Healthwatch Oldham 2 August 2021 31
  • Yes8
  • No16
A review of Social Care in the London Borough of Bromley Healthwatch Bromley 27 March 2018 46
  • Yes72
  • No88
A review of the personal budgets process for adults and young people in the Rochdale borough, Rochdale Healthwatch Rochdale 1 November 2016 21
  • Yes69
  • No79
A review of users experiences of services for people with eating disorders in the east riding of yorkshire Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire 1 March 2015 35
  • Yes64
  • No104
A review of women’s experiences in Brent Healthwatch Brent 31 March 2017 77
  • Yes75
  • No96
A review on how people use Digital Health to manage their health and wellbeing Healthwatch Oldham 19 November 2020 76
  • Yes43
  • No64
A silent problem perinatal mental health in Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire Healthwatch Oxfordshire 11 November 2016 36
  • Yes59
  • No74
A snapshot of carers' views on the impact of Northamptonshire County Council cuts Healthwatch Northamptonshire 8 January 2020 33
  • Yes72
  • No97
A snapshot of people with visual impairments' experiences of accessing health and care services in Leeds Healthwatch Leeds 12 August 2019 113
  • Yes75
  • No87
A snapshot of people with visual impairments’ experiences of accessing health and care services in Leeds Healthwatch Leeds 12 August 2019 113
  • Yes61
  • No79
A snapshot of young people’s perceptions of health services in Blackburn with Darwen Healthwatch Blackburn with Darwen 10 May 2016 505
  • Yes98
  • No109
A study of attendances at the accident and emergency department at Bedford Hospital Healthwatch Bedford Borough 1 November 2017 148
  • Yes61
  • No78
A summary of service user and carer experience of Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Healthwatch Northamptonshire 1 June 2015 1182
  • Yes59
  • No84
A systematic review of people's experiences of breast screening - a rich and diverse picture Healthwatch Dorset, Healthwatch Hampshire, Healthwatch Isle of Wight, Healthwatch Portsmouth, Healthwatch Southampton 23 September 2021 Not applicable
  • Yes13
  • No20
A systematic review of people’s experiences of breast screening Healthwatch Dorset, Healthwatch Hampshire, Healthwatch Isle of Wight, Healthwatch Portsmouth, Healthwatch Southampton 1 September 2021 not known
  • Yes9
  • No16
A thematic review based on Healthwatch Milton Keynes’ care homes Enter and View programme Healthwatch Milton Keynes 28 May 2019 102
  • Yes39
  • No53
A week in A & E Healthwatch Wigan 2 September 2019 79
  • Yes62
  • No91
A year with COVID: experiences of NHS and social care services in Kingston before and during the coronavirus pandemic Healthwatch Kingston upon Thames 12 August 2021 238
  • Yes12
  • No28
A&E friends and family test results Healthwatch Enfield 9 January 2016 2265
  • Yes100
  • No142
A&E visit survey, Cheshire West & East Healthwatch Cheshire East, Healthwatch Cheshire West and Chester 17 July 2017 345
  • Yes86
  • No99
A&E Watch July 2021 Healthwatch Cheshire East, Healthwatch Cheshire West and Chester 18 August 2021 266
  • Yes17
  • No27
A&E Watch Leighton Hospital Healthwatch Cheshire East, Healthwatch Cheshire West and Chester 19 December 2019 89
  • Yes66
  • No84

Network Impact
Relationships that exist locally, regionally, nationally have benefited from the work undertaken in the report
Implied Impact
Where it is implied that change may occur in the future as a result of Healthwatch work. This can be implied in a provider  response, press release or other source. Implied impact can become tangible impact once change has occurred.
Tangible Impact
There is evidence of change that can be directly attributed to Healthwatch work undertaken in the report.