Enter and view: Crewe Care Home, East Cheshire

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Summary of report content

This is an Enter and View Report by authorised representatives from Healthwatch Cheshire East (HWCE) on the 4th March 2015. The observations of the representatives have the following themes: Welcomes/ Security of building/ Staff/ Residents/ Relatives/Friends/ Meals/ Drinks and Communication and Social activity and Environment, furnishings and building. The HWCE representatives made the following summary and conclusions: Overall observations for this home: Promoted independence for residents; encouraged mobility both inside and outside the home; provided stimulation and social activity. Summary from HWCE representatives: Rosedale Manor Care Home is clean, odourless and well furnished. It exudes a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with staff appearing very welcoming. Currently the home has three units, Dementia, Mental Health and General, with the general unit occupying the whole of the upper floor, which unfortunately for some residents makes it seem as though there is a shortage of staff when actually it is merely because staff are not visible. The Manager has achieved a good deal since he took up post, and talked about the ‘Pearl accreditation’ [promoting choice for individuals on the dementia unit/lowering sedation levels/less aggressiveness], identifying the appropriate skill mix/talents and abilities of staff for the benefit of all residents, and looking at future plans which will enable him to spend more time on the floor supporting staff and residents. Lee Riley-Owens, the Manager, was very welcoming and it was evident through conversation his enthusiasm and commitment to the home and all residents. He discussed accreditation for the ‘Pearl project’ – which involves giving choice back to dementia residents. An example quoted was that of allowing residents choice in getting up and dressed/ having their meals when they want them etc., This seems to be working well and as a result they are seeing very low sedation levels/little aggression . He is in the early stages of submitting a business plan for the upper floor to create an EMI wing and a general wing rather than the huge expanse the general unit is currently which is making the visibility of staff difficult. This is the main reason he believes, that residents consider they are short staffed, when actually they are not. Another area of change shortly will be audits on I.Pad, with an I.Pad for relatives situated at the entrance so that they can instantly message anything they want to raise. Lee said it would also give him more time to spend on the floor which he considers is essential, believing that the Manager, as with all staff, need to be visible and accessible to residents and relatives/visitors. There was relaxed friendly atmosphere within Rosedale Manor, which is a clean, odourless and well furnished home with staff communicating well with all residents.

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Report title 
Enter and view: Crewe Care Home, East Cheshire
Local Healthwatch 
Healthwatch Cheshire East
Date of publication 
Wednesday, 4 March, 2015
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Wednesday, 4 March, 2015
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Wednesday, 4 March, 2015
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Enter and view
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Building and facilities
Food and nutrition
Health and safety
Lifestyle and wellbeing
Quality of care
Quality of staffing
Staff attitudes
Staff levels
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Residential care home

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Alzheimer’s disease or dementia
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