Enter and view: Clifton House Medical Centre

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Summary of report content

Healthwatch Kingston upon Hull conducted an announced Enter and View visit, as part of a planned set of visits looking at the GP practices, ranging from purpose-built health centres housing multiple practices, to converted houses which are used as surgeries by single practices. Healthwatch Kingston upon Hull visited Clifton House Medical Centre on 22/01/2015. Clifton House Medical Centre is a large practice based on Beverley Road to the west of the city centre. It was established as a practice approximately 100 years ago and operates from converted Victorian houses on the main road. The summary of findings highlighted observations from the enter and view team in the following areas; reception, lifts/stairwell, facilities and general observations. The recommendation informed that the practice clarifies the car park usage for patients and that adequate signage is displayed, both to the car park and from the car park to the reception. It was recommended that patients are made aware of the option for privacy to discuss confidential matters. It was recommended that the practice consider additional signage to the upstairs consulting room. It was recommended that the notice boards and patient information leaflets be regularly reviewed and information be displayed in a clearer, less cluttered way. It was recommended that the practice look into themed notice boards and notice boards providing practice information. It was recommended that notices, other than safety notices, be removed from areas other than notice boards e.g. doors & windows. It was recommended that cups, and a suitable waste bin, be provided for use with the water dispenser. It was recommended that the poster advertising the Health Check machine be removed if this is no longer used. It was recommended that a ‘no patients beyond this point’ sign or barrier be placed on the rear stairwell. It was recommended that signage be displayed to the gents toilet. It was recommended that storage in the baby change area be enclosed and if possible locked.

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General details

Report title 
Enter and view: Clifton House Medical Centre
Local Healthwatch 
Healthwatch Kingston Upon Hull
Date of publication 
Thursday, 22 January, 2015
Date evidence capture began 
Thursday, 22 January, 2015
Date evidence capture finished 
Thursday, 22 January, 2015
Type of report 
Enter and view
Key themes 
Booking appointments
Building and facilities
Car parking access
Health and safety
Public involvement
Staff levels
Healthwatch reference number 

Methodology and approach

Was the work undertaken at the request of another organisation? 
What type of organisation requested the work 
Primary research method used 
Structured interview
How was the information collected? 
Visit to provider
If an Enter and View methodology was applied, was the visit announced or unannounced? 

Details of health and care services included in the report

Primary care services 
GP practice

Details of people who shared their views

Number of people who shared their views 
Not known
Age group 
Not known
Not known
Not known
Sexual orientation 
Not known
Does the information include public's views? 
Does the information include carer's, friend's or relative's views? 
Does the information include staff's views? 
Types of health and care professionals engaged 
All care professionals
Does the information include other people's views? 
What was the main sentiment of the people who shared their views? 

Outcomes and impact

Were recommendations made by local Healthwatch in the report? 
Does the information contain a response from a provider? 
Is there evidence of impact in the report? 
Is there evidence of impact external to the report? 

Network Impact
Relationships that exist locally, regionally, nationally have benefited from the work undertaken in the report
Implied Impact
Where it is implied that change may occur in the future as a result of Healthwatch work. This can be implied in a provider  response, press release or other source. Implied impact can become tangible impact once change has occurred.
Tangible Impact
There is evidence of change that can be directly attributed to Healthwatch work undertaken in the report.