Engagement around future health and care plans Westminster report

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As part of their role to ensure that the public are informed of the new NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plan, Healthwatch Central West London collected information on how much people across the three boroughs (Kensington & Chelsea, Hammersmith & Fulham and Westminster) know about the new plans being introduced locally and how they can find out more information. A short and simple questionnaire was completed by 345 people from across the three boroughs; 144 from Kensington & Chelsea • 66 from Hammersmith & Fulham • 135 from Westminster. Meanwhile, people that wanted to know more information following the questionnaire were directed to Healthwatch Central West London’s ‘Sustainability and Transformation Plan overview’ and Healthier North West London website. The data collated showed that less than 30% of the people asked were aware of the new health and care plans being introduced and less than 20% knew that they were called STP. Majority of people asked (87%) had not attended an event on the future plans for STP, and nearly 90% of people asked wanted to know more about these future plans. The questionnaire asked how they would like to know more about the plans. The public had many comments and suggestions, “Give the information in simple language. Even the title is too complicated! 'Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs)” The results from the questionnaire suggest that the local CCGs need to increase their engagement with the public around the STP, providing more transparency and clarity. Despite the majority of the people being unaware of the new plans, most of the people asked were interested in finding out more. The feedback received implies that there is some unease around the new plans and a need for people to be better informed about the changes. An upfront dialogue and active engagement with communities is more likely to result in a wider understanding of why change is needed and support for the decisions that are made. Healthwatch England strongly recommends ensuring communities have their say when it comes to the STP. The actions below were also recommended: More engagement with the public should take place, to share their views and to be kept updated on the plans. Involvement of the voluntary, charitable and social enterprise sectors was also highlighted. Clear and updated information, in accessible language also, should be available to the public through leaflets and online, about the STP proposals and how people can get involved in the plans. At future public events, people should be given the opportunity to share their views in a variety of ways e.g. publicly to the room, one to one with a member of staff or written. Local Healthwatch organisations were set up to encourage local people to speak up about their experiences and views. HW Central West London should monitor the effectiveness of communications, engagement and consultation with local people when it comes to the STP.

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Engagement around future health and care plans Westminster report
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Healthwatch Central West London
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Wednesday, 17 May, 2017
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Monday, 17 April, 2017
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Wednesday, 17 May, 2017
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Health promotion
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Healthwatch England
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