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People's experiences of leaving hospital or care services

Being sent home too early or without adequate support is a concern - but when it happens to people who are in a particularly vulnerable situation, the risks are even higher. 

Throughout this inquiry, we focused on the experiences of older people, homeless people, and people with mental health conditions – three groups for whom the consequences of a failed discharge process were particularly detrimental. These three groups are not mutually exclusive. In many cases, homeless people experience mental health as well as physical health problems, as do older people, thus contributing to the complexity of their needs and the particular importance of ensuring that they receive all the support they need after discharge.

Channel 4 News is following our special inquiry to help share the stories of how things can go wrong for people being discharged in their own words.

Older people being sent home too soon without the right support

Hear from Lily and Frank Roberts as they share their experience of leaving hospital too soon and the complications that it resulted in: The 'revolving door of care': unsafe hospital discharges.


Homeless people on being discharged from hospital too soon

Hear from homeless men in London about the issues they faced upon being returned to the streets before they had properly recovered from their injury or illness: 'What happens when the vulnerable leave hospital?'.


New mothers with mental health conditions

Hear from new mothers who experienced mental health conditions after giving birth: 'Helping new mothers when they are 'losing their mind'.


Find out more about people's experience of leaving hospital or download the full report.