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What are the solutions?

We need wholescale reform and culture change to create a system that is simple, seamless and stress-free for consumers and offers users meaningful resolution. We have put together a seven point action plan, setting out key changes that need to be made to ensure the complaints system works. We are calling on the government to make these changes a priority.

  1. Make it easier for everyone to complain - by giving one national organisation responsibility for providing patients and the public with improved information and education about how to raise concerns.
  2. Create a single, properly funded complaints advocacy service - provided under the Healthwatch banner which would provide users of both the NHS and social care with the same level of support wherever they live in the country.
  3. Drive up the quality of complaints handling - using the NHS constitution and complaints regulations to clearly set out people's right to complain and what they should expect in response.
  4. Require every organisation involved in complaints handling to ensure people's complaints reach the right destination - removing the burden currently placed on patients to pursue their complaint.
  5. Establish clear responsibility for capturing system-wide learning from complaints - identifying trends and ensuring national policy change properly addresses concerns.
  6. Make it mandatory for every complaint, regardless of how it is made or which service it is about, to be recorded and reported to the HSCIC - enabling the system to track progress through a national measure of consumer experience of the complaints process.
  7. Department of Health to conduct a review of the whole complaints landscape - consider simplification and streamlining of processes across the 70 plus organisations involved.

Download 'Every Complaint Matters' our seven-point action plan for the NHS and social care.