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Rights and responsibilities in health and social care

We proposed eight consumer rights for health and social care in our Annual Report in October and have been listening with interest to what you think of these, and how you experience these rights.

One of the strong messages we've heard is that we can't discuss rights without also talking about responsibilities, and we'd like to know more about what this means to you.

At the start of 2014, we talked to consumers, partners and stakeholders about responsibilities, as we did with rights. As a result of this consultation, we have started to develop a consumer index that will measure how people's experience of health and social care against their expectations and existing legal rights and plan to do further research about how people understand their own responsibilities, and the interplay with rights and the way that services are provided.

This is not the end of our conversation. All of our work depends on listening to people and we will continue to involve the public in the development of our work on what they want and expect from health and social care.