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Your spotlight on health and social care services


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Challenges and opportunities

The traditional approach to meeting people’s health and social care needs is changing. Our society faces big challenges when it comes to making sure people have the support they need.

There are also significant opportunities for services to better meet people’s expectations and for individuals to take greater control of their health, care and wellbeing.

challenges and opportunities graphic

What you said

We asked for people's views on the biggest challenges we face, as well as the opportunities we could take advantage of to make the biggest difference.


  • Rising demand for care linked to lifestyle and other factors
  • Capacity of services that face staffing and funding pressures
  • Public awareness of how to have more control of health
  • Professional attitudes to involvement and inconsistent practice
  • Variation in access to care and support
  • Impact on health caused by wider social factors, like housing


  • Using technology to help more people share their views
  • Partnerships with charities, universities and think tanks
  • Maximising the use of our evidence and statutory powers
  • Influencing health and social care reforms
  • Growing public awareness of health and care challenges
  • Public appetite to be more involved with decisions

What this means for our work

It is clear from views people have shared that our future strategy will need to take into account big challenges. For example, are enough people aware of how they can take control of their health and care?

How can we ensure the needs of every section of the community are understood? And, is there a strong culture in the NHS of listening to people’s views? People’s feedback also highlights some clear opportunities we can maximise.

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