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Research highlights ‘patient-centred care’ needs to be more than an NHS buzzword

Read our response to National Voices research, which found that only 3% of people with one or more long term condition reported having a written plan for their care and support.

National Voices has today published findings which call for more people to have control of their health and care. 

The research, conducted by the coalition of over 160 health and care charities, indicates that although information and communication has improved over time, many people are still not involved in decisions relating to their health.

The research found that:

  • Only 3% of people with one or more long term condition reported having a written plan for their care and support.
  • Just 56% of hospital inpatients said they were definitely as involved as they wanted to be in decisions.
  • 39% of general practice patients said their GP was ‘very good’ at involving them in decisions. 

Responding to the research, National Director of Healthwatch England, Imelda Redmond, said:

“This research sends a very clear message that ‘patient-centred care’ has to be more than an NHS buzzword, and must be put at the heart of how we evaluate services.

 “The relationship between patients and health professionals is changing, but there is still clearly much to do before it is genuine partnership.

 “We know that the best outcomes, and experiences of care, come when doctors, nurses and care staff work with people and their families to develop a mature relationship that focuses on providing joined-up support which consider all of an individual’s needs, not just immediate problems. 

“Looking beyond individual care, our own research shows that people recognise the pressures on the NHS and social care and that they want to help by sharing their feedback. With significant changes ahead, it is vital health and care leaders listen to and take on board people’s ideas so they can be sure they are designing the sort of services people both want and need.”

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