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Five things communities should expect from getting involved

We believe that when it comes to STPs, or any other health reform, the NHS should follow five key steps to ensure that communities have a say in decisions that will affect them.

Five key steps to ensure communities have their say

  1. The case for change needs to be clearly set out so that people can understand both the current situation and the reasons things might need to be done differently.
  2. From the start, patients and the wider public should be involved in designing and discussing possible solutions to the challenges communities face.
  3. The impact on every section of the community needs to be assessed and specific work undertaken, especially with underrepresented groups, to find out what people think.
  4. The public ought to be given adequate time to consider the proposals on the table and provide feedback.   
  5. Once the final plans are agreed, they should be published and those in charge of the changes need to show how they have considered the feedback they have received, the difference this has made to their plans and how the impact of the changes will be tracked and reviewed.

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