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We call for greater involvement of people in decisions about their care


In response to the Care Quality Commission's State of Care report, our Interim Chair, Jane Mordue, calls for the health and social care sector to meaningfully involve the public in decisions about health and social care.

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The Care Quality Commission (CQC) today publishes its annual analysis of the quality of health and adult social care in England.

The State of Care report finds that while most health and social care services in England are providing good quality care, substantial variation remains.

Key findings from the report show:

  • Some health and care services are improving, others are failing to improve and/or are deteriorating in quality
  • The majority of GP practices are providing good quality care and leading the change in service design
  • Adult social care services are approaching a tipping point in terms of their sustainability
  • Hospitals are under increasing pressure

Responding to the report, our Interim Chair, Jane Mordue, said:

“Today’s report makes sobering reading about the state of adult social care. While it is clear that much of the health and social care sector provides an excellent service in the face of many challenges, it is troubling that so many people are facing distress as a result of their care needs being unmet. However, it’s important that we do not look at the issues facing the social care sector in isolation.

“Last year the Healthwatch network visited over 3,500 local hospitals, GP surgeries and care homes to find out if they are working for people. What people told us was that they understand the challenges that the health and social care system is facing, and support the idea of a more closely integrated system that joins services up around their needs. 

“It is clear that the best health outcomes are achieved when all parties – patients, professionals, and carers – are meaningfully involved in decision-making about their care and how it is organised. It is welcome to see the CQC recognise this.

“At a time when services are undergoing a great deal of change, it is now more important than ever that professionals and the public work together, and the Healthwatch network stand ready to help make that happen.”

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