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Your spotlight on health and social care services


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Have you spotted your local Healthwatch out and about?


Every day local Healthwatch staff and volunteers go out and about in their communities to find out what people think of health and care services. They share what they hear - both good and bad - with local decision makers to ensure that services meet the needs of the people who use them.

Double decker Healthwatch bus

Working on the move helps local Healthwatch reach more parts of the community and ensure everybody's voice is heard.

Here are a few ways local Healthwatch are getting out and about to find out what local people have to say.

All aboard the Healthwatch bus

Healthwatch Kent and Healthwatch East Sussex both use branded double-decker buses to catch people’s eye in their area. They organise tours of their local areas to try to speak to as many people in their community as possible. Using the bus, people are encouraged to jump on board to share their views of health and care services and to find out more about the work of local Healthwatch.

Hail a Chatterbox cab

In Essex, the Healthwatch team have a custom made cab complete with a fully functioning recording studio. They drive the Chatterbox cab to events and encourage people to jump in the back seat to talk about their experiences of health and care services.

A van with a plan

Healthwatch Cumbria uses their Chatty Van to get out and about in their community. The Chatty Van has already travelled over 3,700miles, enabling the team to visit both cities and rural communities. Inside the vehicle there is a space for people to sit down and talk to Healthwatch Cumbria staff about their views on local health and care services.

Reaching people with pedal power

From attending an event in the community or going to give a talk at a Practice Manager’s meeting, Sarah Thwaites, Manager at Healthwatch Liverpool uses her bike to get out and about.

Have you spotted Healthwatch out and about?

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To find out what’s happening near you, get in touch with your local Healthwatch.