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Your spotlight on health and social care services


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What do people want from primary care?

For the second year running, our annual survey of 152 local Healthwatch has identified access to primary care services as a top public concern regarding health and care.

We spent 2015 finding out why - asking people about the problems they face and what they want from future primary care services.

Speech bubble graphicTen common problems people face

Analysis of 11,000 conversations local Healthwatch have had with people about primary care identified ten common challenges.

Issues included: problems making appointments, patients not feeling listened to and patients not having the information they need to make informed decisions.

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Specific challenges faced by some Graphic highlighting two out of ten people

We then dug deeper, looking at the experiences of specific groups about whom little data exists.

Talking to students, over 65s and five other communities, we looked at what's working and what’s not from their perspective.

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Graphic showing people working togetherThe public want to play a bigger role

The issues identified are known but the solutions are not always clear.

This is why we asked patients what they thought the way forward might be.  People said that they wanted to play a bigger role in looking after their own health and care.

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