Our society faces big challenges

The traditional approach to meeting people’s health and social care needs is changing. Our society faces big challenges when it comes to making sure people have the support they need.

There are also significant opportunities for services to better meet people’s expectations and for individuals to take greater control of their own health, care and wellbeing.

Our starting point

Back in 2013 we asked people what they expect when it comes to managing their health and care.

They told us that they want health and social care that works for them - helping them stay well, get the best out of services and manage any condition they face.

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Our future focus

In 2017 we asked people to help shape our future focus. Our strategy draws on the ideas and views that people shared with us and explains what we want to achieve over the next five years.

1. Supporting you to have your say

We want more people to get the information they need to take control of their health and care, make informed decisions and shape the services that support them.

By 2023 we want over one million people to share their views or seek information from us each year. 

2.Providing a high quality service to you

We want everyone who shares an experience or seeks advice from us to get a high quality service and to understand the difference their views make.

By 2023 we want to be able to tell you the difference your views have made.

3. Ensure your views help improve health and care

We want more services to use your views to shape the health and care support you need today and in the future.

By 2023 we want to see twice as many recommendations we make are implemented by services.

Steps we will take to achieve our aims:

Over the next five years there are six key areas that we will focus on to achieve our aims.

  • Insight: Research to better understand our communities, target engagement and track changing behaviour over time. 
  • Brand: Ensure our communications work in harmony to raise awareness, build trust and increase engagement. 
  • Partnership: Work strategically with community and professional groups to hear and share what people want from care. 
  • Digital: Invest in a unified system to gather, understand and shared people's views of care. 
  • Impact: Establish common ways to measure the effect of our work, continuously improve quality and encourage innovation. 
  • People and money: Invest in attracting, training and retaining volunteers and staff. Share common services across Healthwatch to increase effectiveness.