Last year, over 340,000 people spoke to us about what matters to them when it comes to the support they get from NHS and social care services.

NHS and social care services are changing

The way in which NHS and social care services support people is changing.

Why? Well, there are a number of reasons. Demand for help from services is increasing as more people live longer and more people need help with long-term conditions.  

Advances in medicine are resulting in new treatments and cures, while technology is making looking after our own health easier. There is also a rising expectation that the support we get should be convenient and personalised.

Why sharing your views is important

In response, the NHS is changing services to help prevent ill health and improve the support you get.  The Government has also announced that it will publish proposals on improving social care for older people.

We believe that it’s important your views are understood so that they can help shape the future of health and care services.