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Why you should volunteer with Healthwatch

It’s Student Volunteering Week and we’re celebrating the vital role our volunteers play making a difference to health and care. We want even more people to support the work we do, so find out why you should volunteer for Healthwatch.

Male student on his laptop

Our volunteers are at the heart of what we do. Last year, over 4,800 Healthwatch volunteers helped communities across the country have a say on the health and care they need.

This week, we want to thank our student volunteers and celebrate the significant contribution they make every day to ensure everyone has a say.

We also want more young people to get involved and volunteer with us. Whether you want to gain valuable experience or learn new skills, there are lots of ways you can join us to make a real difference.

What do our volunteers do?

Our volunteers support us in many different ways. From speaking to local people to find out what they think about health and care, to using these views to influence those who run services, volunteers play an important role at Healthwatch.

To find out more about what our student volunteers do and why they do it, we spoke to Becky about her volunteering role with Healthwatch Sheffield.

How do our student volunteers make a difference?

Medical students make care better in Staffordshire

Medical students at Keele University volunteered their time with Healthwatch Staffordshire. They played a vital role finding out what people thought about local GP, pharmacy and other community services, and helping to inform future changes.

Why do we want more students to get involved?

Explaining why we want more students to get involved, our National Director Imelda Redmond said:

“Healthwatch would not achieve what it does without the help of volunteers. They play an important role in helping us raise our profile, reaching out to diverse communities, and influencing how local services are delivered and designed. Volunteers are essential for the success of every stage of this process.

“Students can gain real-world experience working with a wide range of people, as well as enhancing their communication, organisation and other key skills employers will be looking for. I urge students to get in touch if they are interested in giving their time and talent to local communities.”

Are you inspired?

Becoming a Healthwatch volunteer is easy. Get in touch with your local Healthwatch to find out about volunteering opportunities in your area.

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