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New report highlights the need for easier ways for patients to share feedback


Since 2012, all licensed doctors in the UK have had to undertake checks every five years to ensure that they are competent to practice. Today, The General Medical Council has released a report reviewing the revalidation process, highlighting the need for more patient feedback. 

Revalidation is the process that doctors in the UK have to go through on an ongoing basis that they are up-to-date and fit to practice.


The process aims to give assurance that individual doctors are both qualified and safe, and to help identify any concerns about a doctor's practice at an early stage. As part of this, doctors are required to go through continuing personal development and are required to gather at least 50 questionnaires from patients about their treatment.


Today, the General Medical Council has released a report reviewing the revalidation process. The review, Taking Revalidation Forward, carried out by Sir Keith Pearson, chairman of Health Education England, highlights how doctors are failing to get enough feedback from patients, and that patients fear their care could suffer if they express negative opinions. 

Responding to the report Jane Mordue, Chair of Healthwatch England, said:

“Making it easier for patients to give regular feedback on their experiences is absolutely essential to helping doctors and other NHS staff know how they are doing and improve where they need to.

“The key to this is letting people know how sharing their views has made a difference.

“It is great to see Sir Keith putting this front and centre in his review and we look forward to helping patients understand how they can play their part.” 

#SpeakUp and share your experience of visiting your doctor

If you'd like to share your feedback about your visit to a doctor, get in touch with your local Healthwatch. 

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