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Shortlist announced ahead of Healthwatch Network Awards 2017

After reviewing over 150 entries, we are pleased to announce all of the finalists for the Healthwatch Network Awards 2017.

Celebrated every year, the awards recognise the ways in which Healthwatch across the country have helped make people’s views of health and social care services heard.

There is a Healthwatch in every area of England. They speak to local people about their experiences of health and social care and share them with those designing and running services. Our sole purpose is to help make care better for people.

During the last year, Healthwatch spoke to over 296,000 people to find out what they think of local care. They visited a range of services – from care homes to GP surgeries to hospitals – to seek out people’s views, and to make sure that people from all areas of the community are heard.

These awards recognise the outstanding efforts the network has gone to during the last 12 months in order to help make sure that people are at the heart of care.

The local Healthwatch shortlisted for 2017 Healthwatch Network Awards were picked from over 150 award entries.

The ultimate winner from each category will be chosen by a panel of external judges and announced on Thursday 6 July 2017.

Main award categories

Engagement in service change 

  • Healthwatch Suffolk
  • Healthwatch Wakefield
  • Healthwatch Kirklees
  • Healthwatch Cumbria
  • Healthwatch Reading

Engagement in service improvement 

  • Healthwatch Norfolk
  • Healthwatch Torbay
  • Healthwatch Coventry
  • Healthwatch Newcastle
  • Healthwatch Isle of Wight

Advice and Information

  • Healthwatch Liverpool 
  • Healthwatch York 
  • Healthwatch Essex 
  • Healthwatch Dorset
  • Healthwatch Wirral


  • Healthwatch Leeds    
  • Healthwatch Rochdale
  • Healthwatch Southwark
  • Healthwatch Staffordshire
  • Healthwatch Wiltshire

Local Healthwatch working together

  • Healthwatch Essex, Healthwatch Norfolk, Healthwatch Suffolk, Healthwatch Hertfordshire, Healthwatch Cambridgeshire and Healthwatch Peterborough
  • Healthwatch Greenwich, Healthwatch Bexley, Healthwatch Bromley, Healthwatch Lambeth, Healthwatch Lewisham and Healthwatch Southwark
  • Healthwatch Southwark and Healthwatch Lambeth
  • Healthwatch Stoke on Trent and Healthwatch Staffordshire 

Special award categories

Diversity and inclusion

  • Healthwatch Surrey
  • Healthwatch Norfolk
  • Healthwatch Leeds
  • Healthwatch Wiltshire

NICE better care

  • Healthwatch Isle of Wight
  • Healthwatch Kirklees
  • Healthwatch East Sussex
  • Healthwatch Bradford

#ItStartsWithYou award

  • Volunteer Joely Colmer, working with Healthwatch Dorset
  • Sheltered housing resident Rosetta West and Melton Court Manager Fiona Smith, working with Healthwatch Dorset
  • Volunteer George Rook, working with Healthwatch Shropshire
  • Rebecca Loo, working with Healthwatch Staffordshire
  • A group of parents and carers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, working with Healthwatch West Sussex


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