Have your say on which products should be available on prescription

The NHS wants to know which drugs and treatments you think should be made available on prescription.
A woman speaking to a pharmacist

The consultation, which started in the summer, will see Clinical Commissioning Groups, which advise local GPs and other services, recommending what should and shouldn’t be prescribed.

The consultation is focusing on medicines deemed to be a low priority for NHS funding, and could see items currently available on prescription no longer offered in this way.

3,200 items are being reviewed, including products such as sunscreen, laxatives, eye drops and eczema cream. In the future, people may have to buy such things over the counter.

The outcomes of this consultation could have a big impact on people who rely on items being made available on prescription.

Have your say

We’ve created a short survey for you to complete to let us know what you think. We will pass on your responses to NHS England to inform the consultation. You have until 17 October to complete it.

If your comment relates to one of the 18 specific treatments up for discussion, please respond directly to the NHS England consultation.

Complete the survey.