Our society faces big challenges

The traditional approach to meeting people’s health and social care needs is changing. Our society faces big challenges when it comes to making sure people have the support they need.

There are also significant opportunities for services to better meet people’s expectations and for individuals to take greater control of their own health, care and wellbeing.

Our starting point

Back in 2013 we asked people what they expect when it comes to managing their health and care.

They told us that they want health and social care that works for them - helping them stay well, get the best out of services and manage any condition they face.

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Our future focus

What is our vision?

A world where we can all get the health and care we need.

What is our mission?

To make sure people’s experiences help make health and care better.

What are our values?

  • Listening - We recognise the value of listening to people and making sure their voices are heard.
  • Including - We value inclusivity. Listening to the first-hand experiences of diverse groups improves care for everyone.
  • Analysing - We value the insight that's gained from analysing many different people’s experiences to learn how to improve care.
  • Acting - We act on feedback and drive change. Listening has to positively affect outcomes and influence important decisions about people’s care.
  • Partnering - We value strong partnerships with care providers and Government – serving as the public's independent advocate.

What are our objectives?

1. To build a sustainable and high-performing network of local Healthwatch services.
2. To find out the experiences of people needing or using health, public health and social care services.
3. To seek the views of those who are seldom heard and reduce the barriers they face.
4. To act on what we hear to improve health and care policy and practice.
5. To build on and share our expertise in engagement.
6. To be a strong, well-governed organisation and use our resources for the greatest impact.

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