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Your spotlight on health and social care services


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The current state of health and social care in England

We're living in economically constrained times where we all need to do more with less. Budgets are stretched, the population is ageing and treatments are increasingly expensive. Health and social care needs to change in response. If the system is to deliver more for us with less resource, we need to be involved in the future shaping of those services.

To understand what people really think about the care they receive, we commissioned research including a survey and face to face deliberative event. Our findings are set out below, and in our first annual report to Parliament.

These findings demonstrate the need for a fundamental change that puts the user at the heart of the service. To help drive this change, we think a set of rights in health and social care can help people become more empowered and engaged and help service providers and commissioners focus on the things that matter most to users and their carers