Meet our wonderful volunteers and find out why they are involved with Healthwatch 

Get to know some of our volunteers below and find out what they've learnt during their time at Healthwatch.
Our volunteer Suyin

For Volunteers' Week, we want to celebrate  the different ways being a Healthwatch volunteer can help your community and develop your skillset. From using your own experiences to help shape people's lives to learning a new skill and championing diversity. 

Meet Suyin – Healthwatch Leeds 

Suyin became a Healthwatch volunteer while studying for her BSc in Dietetics. She started volunteering with Healthwatch because she wanted to learn more about how health and social care works in the UK before she embarked on a career in the NHS. 

'I felt like volunteering at Healthwatch would give me skills I needed to be a healthcare professional and also improve my understanding of healthcare in the UK.' 

While volunteering , Suyin collected and listened to feedback from people using services and helped create reports sharing findings with GP practices. 

'Healthwatch had given me many opportunities to grow and develop, both personally and professionally. I was very afraid to speak to strangers, especially coming from a foreign country, and being able to chat with patients while they were waiting at the waiting room did build up my confidence.' 

Meet Pamela – Healthwatch Greenwich  

Pamela is very passionate about our NHS and is now in her fourth-year volunteering for Healthwatch Greenwich. Pamela's role at Healthwatch is wide as she has been a part of many different projects. However, she's typically on the front end of things.  

"After COVID-19, I was involved with checking in with different organisations in the Greenwich area to see if they had any specific problems, such as the Autistic Society, older people groups, etc.."  

"What I really enjoy about it is seeing the compassion in the staff's faces, some of the staff are phenomenal given they have such a difficult job."  

"The main things I have learned while volunteering has been the diversity in Greenwich and the inequalities we must address as a society." 

Meet Lee – Healthwatch Wakefield  

Lee is part of a brand new adult social care citizen panel and decided to volunteer with Healthwatch to use his experience to impact people's lives positively. 

When asked why he volunteers, Lee said, 'I would like to expand my knowledge regarding the healthcare sector; I love new challenges. Also, because I am disabled myself, I think it would be nice to see it from my own point of view and, if need be, make some suggestions of changes I'd make? Why do I want to volunteer? I'd love to make a huge positive impact to people's lives now and in the future.’  

Meet Megan – Healthwatch Greenwich 

Megan, from Welling, England, and is currently in her third year at the University of Greenwich studying public health.

Throughout Megan’s volunteering process with Healthwatch, she has learned a lot about herself. As Megan has not always had the most confidence in speaking to strangers, she has thoroughly enjoyed getting the opportunity to speak to patients about their experiences with social and health services.

Healthwatch Greenwich have enabled Megan to grow her confidence whilst making a real difference to people's lives. 

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